Michael Lynch American Idol Kicked Out of Top 24 For Breaking Confidential Info

Michael Lynche American IdolBig Mike American Idol? Who is he? He’s one of the American Idol Top 24 Finalists who made it to the Hollywood round. However, all his American Idol dreams are shattered because of his blabbermouth squealer father! Michael Lynche’s father did not obey a confidentiality agreement they signed in with the show.

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The Real Score in Brad and Angelina Breakup

I just can’t get it why people take some happiness in other people’s misery. Who ever did spark this Brad and Angelina breakup needs some spanking in their behind!

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Conan Rally – Are One With Team Coco?

Conan Rally is pushing through no matter what. His supporters are literally dreched in the heavy rains in downtown LA. The Conan Rally is prompted by NBC’s unethical treatment of their favorite late night show host.

Conan Rally Team Conan Rally Despite Rains

What can you say about the Conan Rally? Is it worth their time? Can it do something to push NBC to bring him back? We wish…

Christopher Marley Insect Art What’s It All About?

The Christopher Marley Insect Art is going strong on the searches. It is made by an artist who was at first scared by insects. When Christopher Marley made this he was amazed at how wonderful these insects can be.

Christopher Marley Insect Art

The picture above was featured in a book called Pheromone: The Insect Artwork of Christopher Marley. The Christopher Marley Insect Art if kind of fun to look at because the insects look like valuable gems arranged in interesting fashion

Burj Dubai Tower Inauguration – The Tallest Building in the World

The current tallest building in the world – the Burj Dubai Tower is not relenting to the crisis that hounds the emirates. The Burj Dubai Tower Opening tallest building in the world is scheduled today Januray 4 2010.

tallest building in the world burj dubai tower inauguration

We just hope that Dubai will be rising above the $26 million debt with the bright prospect of the Burj Dubai Tower inauguration. People have been longing to see this building after six years it was built. The Burj Dubai Tower will become home to offices, apartments and a luxury hotel. The tallest building in the world Burj Dubai Tower is definitely a symbol o luxury as it trumped out Taipei 101 tower.

Dreamliner 787 First Flight Expected to Be a Success

Everyone is excited to see Boeing Dreamliner 787 first flight. Of course, we want it to be flying in colors today after more than two years of anticipation. Dreamliner is one of Boeing’s finest planes yet because of its unwarranted fuel efficiency and lesser maintenance cost that would save us not only money, but also help preserve the environment

Dreamliner Boeing Dreamliner 787 First Flight

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an answer to Airbus. Boeing expects that this airplane will be purchased by most airline companies. Many countries already have made reservations since 2007. Let’s wait for the news later about Dreamliner Boeing 787 first flight in the news later in the day

Fire and Ice Fireplace for Your Home This Christmas

Nice combustion in your home without the mess on winter? Get the fire and ice fireplace. I’m not too old nearly this attribute so I prefab a activity roughly it and recovered out that blast and ice fireplaces are one of the newest creativity when you require to cordial your concern during the winter mollify. If you do not poverty sprinkling of cinders when you use the common wood or logs to harm up the hearth. Then, the fulfil is the flak and ice fireplace that is being splashed by the society FIRE on ICEĀ®. They say there’s no popping cinders, no much smut and it’s such many cleaner to use in your unit.

Fire and Ice Fireplace -Fire and Ice Fireplace Nice Fireplace

If you want this, just look for Fire on Ice in their main website. I’m sure they can help with it. It will be nice to have a fire and ice fireplace, isn’t it?

Jersey Shore Girl Punched Video – Why Snookie Gets Punched?

What a shocker! Jersey Shore ended tonight’s episode with a bang. This MTV’s new reality show about eight Italian-Americans who are all sexy and tanned gets all controversial as a clip was shown that one of female cast member Snookie gets punched in the face like crazy. She’s annoying alright but does she deserve to be treated that way?

Jersey Shore Girl Gets Punched Snookie Gets Punched

Snookie from Jersey Shore can be seen on the floor in pain, while the guy who punched her gets arrested by the cops.This clip kind of intrigued many why a big man would punch a small girl in the face? Jersey Shore Girl gets punched video will surely be an intriguing way of catching viewers attention for the next episode. Watch the end part of this video where Snookie the Jersey Shore girl gets a hook right in her pretty face:

Olamide Sesame Street News: Olamide Faison Dating Natalie Nunn

Olamide and Natalie, are they really a couple? Yes, the search engines are full of prying people determining if Olamide Faison of Sesame Street and Natalie Nunn from Bad Girls Dating Club are indeed advancing their relationship to the next level.

Olamaide Faison-Olamide and Natalie Dating

Why are so many people curious about Olamide Sesame Street? Is it because he’s dating a controversial lady from a reality show? Who cares if he wants to date Natalie anyway? I guess we should let the be with their choices and wish them luck that their six year of going steady will be a fruitful endeavor.

Michelle Obama Offensive Picture-Prince William Royal Baldness

Obama supporters are now really taken aback as a Michelle Obama offensive picture emerged in their favorite search engine. The picture represented the first lady to look like a simian creature via Adobe Photoshop. This alleged image was brought up by an anonymous blog called "Hot Girls". Google previously removed this image because complaints rose about this. Right now, this image of Mrs. Obama has been re-ran with a disclaimer saying that they do not condone this image but they have no choice but put it up again.

Michelle Obama Offennsive Photos

In another controversy, a slightly distasteful photo of Prince William going bald has been snapped by photographers while he was leaving from Raffles hotel. Prince William bald photo shows that his Royal Highness is now his Royal Baldness.