New Aborted Blogs at…

BlogMedia, Inc. :: Weblog Content Network & Services

This announcement is HUGE!

Blog Media is growing leaps and bounds. Or are they?

These Fine Fools bloggers (jaob, wmv & sb) jumped ship, actually they fell off the ship because of thier HUGE EGO’s. This mind trust created Erati named after Sexerati. Erati is the aborted content of BlogMedia. I guess teaming up with the bloated cowboy was BlogMedias grand idea of taking over control of the blogosphere. The only thing is traffic must be sparse because all they can do is spew B.S.. Sorry, it would be considered snarky, in hopes of shock traffic. (what is snarky? sounds like a character on Noggin) better yet cowboy pulled an “Adam Curry“.

One more observation, How many blogs are they going to have that covers the same subject? and author?

Bull Shit: jaob, snarky, where’s my vote

Bloggery: Successful Blog, blog.erati, insid.erati, biz.erati
Same Author: jaob, snarky, where’s my vote, blog.erati, insid.erati, tech.erati

Same Blog, Same Author: Successful Blog, biz.erati, jaob, snarky, where’s my vote

Really this is the last thing. David Cowboy Krug Windbag said that his main reason for leaving Fine Fools was because, “Scrivs spent to much time trying to build a porn network” well….look who they want blogging for them…Erotica, another name for porn.

All he needs to do now is steal something from Blogebrity, and he could make it a trifecta!


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