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David Krug, or Cowboy, or Liberal Cowboy, is the punk of the web. He will slam you then steal from you!

Click on the Blog Network Watch link above. It was redesigned and there are too many similairities to the b5media sites. Three contrasting colors, columns, with the darker contrasting color strip for the header. Cowboy tried to fake out b5media by not having the dark contrasting color highlight the post titles. Cowboy, you should be congratulated for trying to throw more people off by using hideous colors too.

Tip: If a color doesn’t sit next to another on the color wheel, they will not jive well.

This redesign was just rolled out and if you notice the post, “David Krug, Brain Trust of Content joins Blog Network Watch.”

Today David accuses Gothamist of exploiting it’s writers. In the same post he offers anyone reading the post a job. What do you see?

Are you looking for any specific genres?

At this time, we are looking for bloggers in the following areas:

  • Personal finance
  • Law enforcement
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Blog Networks
  • Real Estate & mortgages
  • Gadgets
  • Digital Cameras & Camcorders
  • PCs & Macs
  • Video Gaming
  • Cell Phones
  • Search Engines
  • New Media
  • Sports
  • City centric writers: NYC, Chicago, LA, Denver, Boston, Minneapolis
  • Adult Content Writers: Jokes, Parody, Erotica

Blogmedia and Erati are looking for writers interested in writing for a “city centric” blog. Hmmm, slam Gothamist then steal. Another obvious ripp-off, a writer for Battle Star Gallatica. Original, b5media, just happens to be the one who cultivated the tv cult blogs. AGAIN, slam, slam, slam, b5media then steal.

There are other smaller things as well. I challenged David in the comments at PSFK: Gothamist In Meltdown?

People I think should investigate:






8 responses to this post.

  1. […] Another interesting week in the blogosphere with the usual amount of bitching and mudslinging going on. […]


  2. […] Can anyone understand what the hell Just Another Opinion Blog (which is a really lame name, by the way) is talking about? I think he accuses Blog Media of stealing their design from b5. Oh, no…wait, that’s not it. He’s accusing Cowboy of trash-talking Gothamist (which is a realy cool name, by the way) for exploiting their bloggers and then offering said bloggers a job. Oh nonono…that’s not it he’s accusing Cowboy of stealing bloggers. Yes – that’s it for sure! Oh crap – wait. It’s about how Cowboy slams b5 all the time! Or is it about the list of stuff JOAB thinks people should investigate? […]


  3. […] Blog network Blog Media has threatened legal action against Adam Marquart of “just another opinion blog” over a post by Marquart accusing Blog Media of stealing its new design for the Blog Network Watch blog from b5media (the current owners of this blog). […]


  4. […] Onto Adam: man fires up new blog, builds soapbox, put super-powered turntable on said soapbox, starts spinning on it while shooting arrows at everyone within eye sight. […]


  5. That 3 column layout is pretty common nowadays.. Look at all the Weblogs, Inc. blogs, and Yaro’s newly purchased http://smallbusinessbranding.typepad.com/ just to name a few. As far as colors go, there are a wide variety of different ones used on these blogs.


  6. They are both three column but they look different. I think you just want to point fingers because you don’t like cowboy.


  7. Interesting article, just found this surfing around the trackbacks. I would say it’s more inspiration with a little perspiration added. Nothing wrong with the 2 sites. Did you spot similar code?


  8. […] Despondent with lack of response to previous post (even though comments not turned on) type new entry that breaks every libel and slander law in the country and then hide behind skateboard chattering ‘opinion, opinion. Look, the title of my blog has the word opinion in it therefore I’m safe’. […]


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