Apology to e.webscapes

e.webscapes is a very reputable company. I DO NOT believe e.webscapes stole the design of BNW’s new site. I never intended for anyone to think so. I only intended to draw attention to the circumstances like…

“hey look, krug is going to write for BNW now and what a coincidence their new design looks like b5’s because they are always criticizing them, yet their site looks like it belongs to them.”

To Lisa and e.webscapes I am very sorry for them getting dragged into it. It was careless of me and I should have seen the possiblity of it happening.

I am sorry.

I emailed Lisa before I posted this public apology.

To whom it may concern:
I would like to apologize to your staff and you. I never intended my remarks to have offended anyone at your firm. One of your customers has twisted my opinion to sound as though I was accusing your firm of stealing a design. I in fact do not believe that to be true. I didn’t accuse your customer of theft either. My opinion states the similarities of the design compared to another site.

I have designed homes for 15 years. During that time I never know when the direction of a client may bring me close to the same type of accusations. In following posts I may have, in bad judgement drawn on that experience.

I know, it sounds childish, and my comments may have been petty, but I never meant to discredit you.

Please accept my humble apologies.

Adam Marquart

Lisa gave me permission to post her response

Adam –
I do appreciate your explanation and thank you for sending that along. In the 8 years I’ve been providing web development services, this is the one and only time anyone has ever, publicly or otherwise, made any type of accusation that my company has participated in theft of design for any site project we’ve been involved with. While it’s generally not my policy to get involved, or even comment on such things because I feel it creates needless drama between bloggers, I left my comment on BlogNetworkWatch regarding this because, unfortunately, search engines being what they are – these things get cached and misunderstood by any potential clients doing research on E.Webscapes in the future. You can, of course, understand my concern regarding your post. As you are probably aware, these things tend to blow out of context rather quickly.
The design for BlogNetworkWatch is not a unique concept, by far. We get quite a few requests for similar set ups, quite honestly – and have done several similar sites in the past, per our client specifications. I noticed an increase in the “three column – posts on the left, sidebars on the right” requests in our orders ever since Webblogsinc.com became the exciting thing, well over a year or so ago. As for the colored border across the top of the site? It’s a style I’ve used in quite a few site designs over the years – a quick check of my portfolio will show just that.
I do appreciate your candor, Adam. Although, I regret that the accusation was made, noted and cached on your site, and now other sites who have linked in. I’m not, of course, pursing legal action. I just want to be clear on that. And while there is nothing I can do undo any damage that may have been done, now or in the future, – I would like to request some sort of clarification statement within your post about the design theft. Not required, of course – it would just be wholeheartedly appreciated from my end.Take care, Adam –

6 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you, Adam. Perhaps now this can be shelved. 🙂


  2. So what bullied you in the end to apologise?


  3. Posted by Marc on January 16, 2006 at 4:39 am

    A lawyer and a realization his post was BS and the fact that he was indeed in violation of trademark law.


  4. I consider the matter closed.



  5. Hehe…and he even turned comments on, to boot! Wow…welcome to the blogosphere proper, Adam.


  6. Marc NO LAWYER told me to do this. Lisa was an inocent party in all this. My post was not BS and was not a violation of trademark law. The only quick turn around here is Matt. Lisa was an inoccent bystandard that got thrown to the wolves when Matt missinturpted what was said. Clarification is always needed.


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