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Liz moves to b5media. A good move. Successful Blog has a lot of oppurtunity ahead of it. Hopefully the move will refocus her talents. Now there is absolutely no reason to pay attention to the dribble that comes from


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  1. Liz is bitchy, and she’s also a fairly preachy writer. Personally, I think her content has dropped into the toilet over the last month, and the amount of comments she’s received reflect that. I find her posts to be very dry, and I feel like she is missing her mark more than she’s hitting it these days.

    As an aside, Matt’s site statistics appear to be climbing (thanks, Technorati), so I really don’t know how you figure that your remark is valid. Looks to me like you just want to be an ass.


  2. Deuce, not sure who you think you are fooling. You, Cowboy & Sidekick believe a circle jerk makes a network! oh wait, you want to be a community.


  3. Adam, I’m not sure who you think you are fooling. JOAB is a stand-alone site and not part of a network or a community, and like it or not, Liz’s articles suck balls.

    I’m still trying to figure out how you pegged JOAB as a “network” or “community.” Moreover, I think it’s ironic that you spun the JOAB name in order to name your own site. Makes you look a little parasitic, IMO.

    You remind me of Gollum from LOTR, laff.


  4. GOOD ONE!


  5. […] This two-faced imbecile took Liz to the cleaners just a little, and anytime someone goes after a friend, they go after me – I stand by my friends. […]


  6. […] past “friends or community members” told her how stupid she was for doing so. They back stab Liz on my site, then go to hers to criticize and wish her […]


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