All I need is this remote, this pen, and….

…this Performancing Firefox Extension, that is all I need!…and this lamp. All I need is this remote, this….

A little The Jerk humor. Really, this thing is the shiznit! Why didn’t I adopt it sooner? Well…I am afraid to admit it. It reminds me of when I was amongst fellow CAD draftsman and admiting I actually bought a WinZip license. Oh, I was the laugh of the office. This time though, I am embarassed for purchasing a lifetime license of Elicit. Yep! $59.95 down the toilet. I was spoiled of this purchase when I tried to pre-post my whole Christmas vacation entries. Elicit, what I believed was worth it, lets you schedule posts by date and time. Sounds easy, well they were able to make it less than intuitive of how to ensure this happened. Needless to say, I returned and posted out of day entries and links. With Performancing, and one of my whishes of all blog editors, posting in the same device I am surfing with. (note: Elicit does do this very well too. It even has some unique tools for probloggers.)

Look, I can not get my money back from Elicit. The memory of my mistake will fade with each and every post I use Performancing. Everything else is just lame.

Hint: Someone develop or point me to a spellchecker!

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