Zillow, Housing Market Crashes!

Yo! Wilma! What you reckon it costs to live in there parts? I don’t know Norm, goto Zillow and check’em for there listings.

Oh no, you can start looking at houses before you consult a Real Estate Agent? You’ll be able to eliminate areas by appraisals. If you are a “For Sale by Owner” you can price your home realisticly, without an agents market analysis.

[via curbed]
Zillow is the death of Brokers and Agents! Run for them there hills!

Property Shark is just jealous! because Zillow is cooler!

This is really going to be a valued tool. You should still hire and agent.

Attention Agents still reading: Check this out! [via ehub] Someone is looking to eliminate your need of web designers. See, not everyone is out to get you.

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