Dvorak Unbelievable

Britney Spears Railroaded? Photoshop Jobbed?

This is the title of a post by Dvorak on his blog. John I believe you maybe blogging to often, or you are trying to hard. Are you trying to be the ONE to BREAK a big story online? John is actually trying to defend Britney Spears. After she tried to justify her actions. John believes even the press release is apart of a conspiracy theory. I sure hope the TWiT gang don’t let him live this down!

For a conspiracy doesn’t someone need to benefit? Benefit from her horrible parenting skills, lack of common sense, and proving she is an unfit mother? OHHHHHH WAIT JOHN I HAVE IT. Kevin is behind it. YEP, she is going to have an album released that will overshadow his attempt at a music career.

One last question, how do you explain the passenger in the seat next to her? With all of your investigation work, you did notice someone there right? Couldn’t that person be buckling the little one into a car seat as she is making her escape? Actually this comment from Devorak Uncensored says it best:

OH MY GOD…..she’s driving a baby around with no passenger side door…that makes it even more dangerous!!!
Comment by meetsy — 2/10/2006 @ 11:54 am

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