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What is the first thing that you think of when you see a tool that you are excited about? I had that idea already! You especially jump on the bandwagon.

Well I have, it is Homethinking. Read an article at eHub.

Lets back track a little. I have been involved with the designing and construction of homes for 15 years. A customer building there first custom home needs a lot of hand holding. Some relator’s take it upon themselves (justifying commission rates, deals with builders, etc.) to help their customers that have never built a custom home before. This wasn’t always appreciated on my end, but more times than not they have helped the customer from designing outside of there budget. The relator’s also protected the builder. While helping the customer control the budget, the relator’s could remind the customer of changes in construction costs or estimates over previously discussed ranges. See were appreciation could be lost? Also, these relator’s earned every penny of their commissions. What does this mean? Homethinking.

So relationships were built. They were also strained. I can sympathize with relator’s because we are often victims to the same expectations.

Everyone hates there relator’s while there home remains on the market. Then once the sell is made and they made you lots of money, they walk on water.

So, relator’s get bad mouthed and loved by all the same people. A review of there work is going to be determined by which time you talk to his/her customers. What does this mean? Homethinking.

I want to share another saying, that I am sure you have heard if you are a relator’s or a salesman.

80% of all home sales are done by the top 20% of all the relator’s.

This is so true too! Realtors come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and work ethics. Here in Omaha this type of work is popular with fireman, teachers, and house wives. Why? flexibility. So the remaining 80% is made up of people that are in the business part-time or as a way to kill time. My Grandfather in-law, great relator’s He is 85. Can’t sit still and needs something to do to keep busy. He started as a relator’s part-time. He sold my home the first day I listed it. Now, he has a open house every Sunday and he works 7 days a week. I’m a dick by the way, my grandfather in-law wasn’t the listing agent. I thought I needed someone more aggressive. So, I gave it to one of those other relator’s I worked with design homes. He has never reminded me of that, but I will never forget. The second example. This one burns me every time. My next door neighbors, a beautiful gay couple. Yep, we have gay couples in Omaha. Listed there home in July and sold it in December. Four months or 120 days on the market. The relator’s a retired school teacher. I had to talk my neighbors into confronting her because she did not have any interior pictures on the fliers that were available at the for sale sign. There relator’s said she will have an open house every Sunday from 11am-1pm. Call me nosy, but I know there was two Sundays she did not make it. Another time the girls came by, just to check things out, she was watching HGTV and eating there pretzels. Impressed yet? What does this mean? Homethinking.

We have discussed the relator’s themselves can have issues that can prove costly during the sale of your home. Oh, we are not done. Did you know that the company you choose to go through to pick your broker can hinder how many people walk through your open houses. Again, here in Omaha, there are two giants that control the market. They are NP Dodge and CBS Home. The 80/20 analogy or saying works in this scenario too. NP Dodge and CBS Home control 80% of all the listing while all the others get a piece of the 20%. To make it even more difficult, NP Dodge issued a statement a couple of years back stating that any agent working for one of the 20% or discount brokers will only get 1% instead of the customary 2% split on a home sold by an outside company. It’s crap, let me give you an example. Your house is listed with an agent of NP Dodge. Other NP Dodge agents, that have customers looking for a home are going to show them your house first. Why? You both receive a higher percentage, because NP Dodge doesn’t have to split any of the total commission with another company. Same goes with CBS Home. So most agents are willing to stay inside the company pool. What if you are with the discount broker or any of the other 100 companies that fall in the 20%, won’t it be harder for your agent to get any foot traffic? Also, my neighbors agent wasn’t from either of the giants. What does this mean? Homethinking.

Side Note:
Before deciding to sell insurance, I interviewed with both NP Dodge and CBS Home. So I know first hand how the pay structure works. I also interviewed with one other company in the 20%.

You, me, all of us need Homethinking as a consumer. You have another way to decided which agent will do the best job for you. Agents need Homethinking too, it is another marketing tool. During an interview with a homeowner, not only will you give them references, you can now also tell them to check out your stats on Homethinking.

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