Blog Media, Erati and JOAB is making me close (Updated)

Due to all the pressure and idle threats made by everyone involved I need to stop posting here. Their conjecture and emails from legal representitives has made it too hard to handle. They figured out the JAOB wanted to be JOAB. Which is nothing like is like Their accusations of being a pansy (yeah, your picture isn’t screaming gay!) and bad spelling is what sent me over the edge.
Jack of all Blogs, The Duece, Cowboy, Sidekick, and Matt at Blog Network Watch got what they wanted. To show everyone they are the only ones able to criticize, opine, and bloviate (see what I mean: ex, ex, ex, ex, see they are clearly superior.)

With that I bid you adeu.

Update: 2/12/2006 1:00pm CST

I don’t know what I was thinking. Blogger Idol, once hated and thought of quiting BlogMedia, Erati, Mediaerati, Sex network or whatever they call themselves this week, is even jumping in. You should check it out, he has summed it up quite well. (Matt, please check for any grammical and spelling errors, since that is the leg to which you stand high on.)


12 responses to this post.

  1. Did my lawyer finally get around to sending you that email about stealing, defamation of character, and plain out lying and he must have explained the slander laws in the state of Nebraska. Nice.


  2. I’ve signed and sent you nothing – nor have I had BlogMedia’s counsel contact you. Not sure where you get the idea that we have anything to do with you closing down your blog.

    As usual, you lie, you slander, you libel. Should I have expected anything different from you?



  3. Yay! Another mindless drivel-blog leaves the internets.

    Thanks for the laughs, Adam! Now get lost.


  4. Matt, perhaps you could have expected better spelling given his accusation of poor spelling. Who the fuck is “The Duece,” anyway?

    Gay? I think Cowboy could vouch for the insane hotness of my woman. I could probably get a couple of others to step up, too.

    Sorry, Adam, I’m knee-deep in tang over here, and I don’t really have any more time to comment on your “pink” site.


  5. Nice try Cowboy, slander, and defamation of character. Which “character” would that be?

    Jon, thanks for still paying attention!

    Deuce, come out of the closet already. I see Brian convienced you of being a dumbass!


  6. It’s “convinced”, not “convienced”

    I thought you were closing shop?


  7. Your grammar just gets worse and worse…Have you taken to drinking?


  8. Dude guys leave me alone. Everyone knows I run this place as my own personal attack blog on myself. Isn’t it ovbious with al my speling erers. And my redneck style of ignorance? Im a douche, my other personality Adam has invaded my privacy, has diluted my personal brand and continues to fowl up everything in personal pursuit of building up his own site. He even claims to quit which we know he will never do. I claim to quit every day. But as long as “Sidekick” keeps bringing me hookers and cappucinos. Man Im one fucked up cookie.


  9. Man, you can’t even spell grammatical correctly.



  10. Why does your ‘update’ link to an entry that is almost a month old? Not much of an update, really…


  11. Yah Cowboy,
    How much did you sell JOAB for?
    When does that podcast start?
    When are you becoming a professional blogger?
    Did you make your mill?
    Where are those sponsors you promised?
    Has Inc. interviewed yet? Well you made all of your writers money.
    I have been waiting for you to make somehting out of Erati, when will that happen?
    When will your last writer jump ship? because you have several of them hanging on your balls. (jon, matt & chris)

    I will quit, I just want to say goodbye to all my fans. 🙂


  12. Like most, I note that you have a hell of a time understanding the difference between hype and reality.

    That’s ok – we’re quite sure of what we’re doing.



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