Andrew Lloyd Webber Cancer Update

Award-winning composer and maker of much than a dozen musicals including "The Phanton of the Opera" and "Cats", Andrew Lloyd Webber is reported to have been suffering from a malady: prostate cancer. Andrew Lloyd Webber prostate Cancer

"The procedure is in its really previous stages. Andrew is now undergoing discourse and expects to be fully gage at learning before the end of the gathering," the spokeswoman said in a printed evidence from the London-based semipublic relations. They released no advance information. In April, the Dominicus Times of Author included Andrew Lloyd Webber, 61, on its reference Comfortable enumerate, which ranks the wealthiest fill in Kingdom. Andrew lives in Kensington, was the highest-ranking entertainer on the listing. He equal for 52nd localise, with roughly $1.1 cardinal. Read more about Andrew Lloyd Webber prostate cancer.


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