Mark Sanchez Eats Hot Dog In Front of The Camera

Previous in the Jets mud-stomping of the Raiders yesterday, CBS cameras caught New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez notes on the establishment, trying not to be detected time consumption a hot dog. Condiment packet in his reactionary writing, hot dog in his mitt, Sanchez proven very scheming to protect his mid-game dining a undercover. No cube, tho’. To my knowledge, no one disciplined him for it — not yesterday when it happened, and not today in the media — but he soothe apologized directly.Mark Sanchez eating hotdog video rapidly spread on the internet! Mark Sanchez Eating Hot Dog Video

I cerebrate his biggest enterprise was probably the perception that he was viewing up the Raiders; making the statement that, “Hey, combat the Raiders is so undemanding that I can do it patch scarfing doctor both scrumptious wieners.” He plainly wants naught to do with that benignant of appearance. I would question that any chastising would come from his knowledge manager. Since winning the job, Rex Ryan hasn’t been shitless to discard speech anyone. If anything, Ryan would possess likely rather seen Carlos eat the hot dog patch upright in the incurvation, the Raiders flip festinate making a futile travail to get nigh him. Whether it was necessary or not, here was Sanchez’s postgame illustration:


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