Kris Allen & Adam Lambert Graces Billboad Cover

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in Billboard magazine cover looks like an interesting find for American Idol fans who followed their journey to fame. Although there’s a one thing peculiar about it because the American Idol winner seems to be gets the front row on the cover but more articles in the magazine gives Adam Lambert more emphasis. That’s too bad, but anyhow… knowing Kris Allen, he would not give any issue on this.

Kris Allen Adam Lambert Billboard Cover

Adam Lambert in this Billboard issue tackles the pressure he’s receiving when people looks up to him like he’s the poster child for gay youth. He’s also thrilled about the opportunities he’s getting like copping a song in the 2012 soundtrack, having a chance to collaborate with crowd favorite Lady Gaga and the planned tour in the works for him.

Kris Allen said in Billboard that he wishes to write songs with singer Adele. He expects that will be a fun gig and he’s also pondering on his future in the music business. Go buy your Adam Lambert Kris Allen Billboard cover issue today!


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