Jersey Shore Girl Punched Video – Why Snookie Gets Punched?

What a shocker! Jersey Shore ended tonight’s episode with a bang. This MTV’s new reality show about eight Italian-Americans who are all sexy and tanned gets all controversial as a clip was shown that one of female cast member Snookie gets punched in the face like crazy. She’s annoying alright but does she deserve to be treated that way?

Jersey Shore Girl Gets Punched Snookie Gets Punched

Snookie from Jersey Shore can be seen on the floor in pain, while the guy who punched her gets arrested by the cops.This clip kind of intrigued many why a big man would punch a small girl in the face? Jersey Shore Girl gets punched video will surely be an intriguing way of catching viewers attention for the next episode. Watch the end part of this video where Snookie the Jersey Shore girl gets a hook right in her pretty face:


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by nakeyta on March 15, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    Fuck Snookie. That annoying bitch deserved it. I actually wanted the guy to keep slamming his fists into her face. She is so stupid and annoying– I would’ve done the same fucking thing. *Bwap* right in her face. From what I heard on the youtube video, Snookie was about to call the guy an ugly ass something before she got cut off by that heavenly blow… and by God, if Snookie called me an ugly ass, I’d punch that annoying ass voice out of her fucking mouth and wouldn’t stop until all was quiet.


  2. why don’t guys actually use good pickup lines like thesE?


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