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The Real Score in Brad and Angelina Breakup

I just can’t get it why people take some happiness in other people’s misery. Who ever did spark this Brad and Angelina breakup needs some spanking in their behind!

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Olamide Sesame Street News: Olamide Faison Dating Natalie Nunn

Olamide and Natalie, are they really a couple? Yes, the search engines are full of prying people determining if Olamide Faison of Sesame Street and Natalie Nunn from Bad Girls Dating Club are indeed advancing their relationship to the next level.

Olamaide Faison-Olamide and Natalie Dating

Why are so many people curious about Olamide Sesame Street? Is it because he’s dating a controversial lady from a reality show? Who cares if he wants to date Natalie anyway? I guess we should let the be with their choices and wish them luck that their six year of going steady will be a fruitful endeavor.