Jersey Shore Girl Punched Video – Why Snookie Gets Punched?

What a shocker! Jersey Shore ended tonight’s episode with a bang. This MTV’s new reality show about eight Italian-Americans who are all sexy and tanned gets all controversial as a clip was shown that one of female cast member Snookie gets punched in the face like crazy. She’s annoying alright but does she deserve to be treated that way?

Jersey Shore Girl Gets Punched Snookie Gets Punched

Snookie from Jersey Shore can be seen on the floor in pain, while the guy who punched her gets arrested by the cops.This clip kind of intrigued many why a big man would punch a small girl in the face? Jersey Shore Girl gets punched video will surely be an intriguing way of catching viewers attention for the next episode. Watch the end part of this video where Snookie the Jersey Shore girl gets a hook right in her pretty face:


Olamide Sesame Street News: Olamide Faison Dating Natalie Nunn

Olamide and Natalie, are they really a couple? Yes, the search engines are full of prying people determining if Olamide Faison of Sesame Street and Natalie Nunn from Bad Girls Dating Club are indeed advancing their relationship to the next level.

Olamaide Faison-Olamide and Natalie Dating

Why are so many people curious about Olamide Sesame Street? Is it because he’s dating a controversial lady from a reality show? Who cares if he wants to date Natalie anyway? I guess we should let the be with their choices and wish them luck that their six year of going steady will be a fruitful endeavor.

Michelle Obama Offensive Picture-Prince William Royal Baldness

Obama supporters are now really taken aback as a Michelle Obama offensive picture emerged in their favorite search engine. The picture represented the first lady to look like a simian creature via Adobe Photoshop. This alleged image was brought up by an anonymous blog called "Hot Girls". Google previously removed this image because complaints rose about this. Right now, this image of Mrs. Obama has been re-ran with a disclaimer saying that they do not condone this image but they have no choice but put it up again.

Michelle Obama Offennsive Photos

In another controversy, a slightly distasteful photo of Prince William going bald has been snapped by photographers while he was leaving from Raffles hotel. Prince William bald photo shows that his Royal Highness is now his Royal Baldness.

Robert Pattinson Pines for Home

Robert Pattinson wants to find time to relax after his crazy schedules made him be away from home most of the time. In fact, Rob had only about 16 hours of stay at home where he spent most of it connecting with friends and family members he had not seen in a year. His hectic schedules promoting The Twilight Saga: New Moon and doing other film projects, Robert Pattinson has no time to relax.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Screening!

Robert Pattinson remembers how he used to live in the capital before he found fame. He informed that: "I had the best time of my life. I only had a tiny apartment but there were always friends hanging around. Usually five or six people have been staying with me. It felt so wonderfully unconventional. That was the life I had always been dreaming of. A bit crazy but adequate for a young actor."

Oh, how Robert Pattinson misses home! Now, he finds being famous is disconcerting because no matter where he goes he is recognized. Robert added to Germany’s Gala magazine: "I love to travel and to learn from cities and their inhabitants. Nowadays I can go nowhere without having the feeling of being watched 24/7. I do not like this feeling."

Kris Allen & Adam Lambert Graces Billboad Cover

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in Billboard magazine cover looks like an interesting find for American Idol fans who followed their journey to fame. Although there’s a one thing peculiar about it because the American Idol winner seems to be gets the front row on the cover but more articles in the magazine gives Adam Lambert more emphasis. That’s too bad, but anyhow… knowing Kris Allen, he would not give any issue on this.

Kris Allen Adam Lambert Billboard Cover Continue reading

NCAA Women’s Soccer Tournament 2009 Fever is On!

The Western Town University women’s football squad give start its bark for the NCAA Women’s Soccer Tournament 2009 Cup against Loyola University Maryland in the first habitude of NCAA tourney Friday, Nov. 13, at W. Dennie Spry Stadium in Winston-Salem, N.C.

NCAA Women's Soccer Tournament 2009

“Any reading you pass the NCAA contest, your primary response is disturbance,” said tutor Nikki Izzo-Brown. “We knew we would be traveling somewhere within in a dynamical length. We are nervous to be playing in specified a belligerent punctuation and our activity for Theologist begins tonight.” Kindle Biome give aid as one of 16 patron schools for the premier and support rounds of the mortal tourney.

The added first-round equalise in Winston-Salem features 10th-ranked Issue Earth versus Kennesaw Denote. The Mountaineers and Greyhounds present kickoff on Fri at 3 p.m., spell the Demon Deacons and Owls begin at 5:30 p.m. The winners of Friday’s games will face off in the indorsement snipe on Sunday, Nov. 15, at 1 p.m. Tickets prices acquire been set at $5 for students and seniors and $7 for adults. The Mountaineers are 9-9 all-time in NCAA contest wit, including a 3-1 add against teams on a neutral site. WVU has played only one cope all-time at W. Dennie Spry Construction – a 2-0 disadvantage to Town in the 2006 NCAA opening disklike. Painter Town and Theologian human met twice before, with both contests reaching during the NCAA contest (2002, 2003). The 64-team NCAA competition parcel includes 30 word champions receiving robotlike bids and 34 at-large selections. Fire Plant, the No. 3 ejaculate in the 16-team Northeastward Carolina location, and Region Colony were at-large picks. Kennesaw Verbalise won the Ocean Sun Discussion and Saint won the Railroad Ocean Athletic Conference to earn involuntary berths.

Click this to view the 2009 NCAA Women’s Soccer Tournament Schedule and  if you would like to make a wager on the games, online sports betting is the way to go

Steve Phillips Intern Sex Video

What next? A Steve Phillips Intern Sex Video? It was declared that ESPN Ball Shrink and quondam New Dynasty Mets Indiscriminate Administrator Steve Phillips was fired Sun nighttime. Phillips was committed in a sex outrage regarding a three-week-old occasion he had with ESPN Production Subordinate Brooke Hundley which reversed into “Mortal Magnet” when he tried to wear off the relation. The Steve Phillips intern news is gathering momentum everywhere.
Steve Phillips Intern Update

This tale, which hit fashionable Weekday, has assumed the Cyberspace by disruption with its information. There’s the honour written by Brooke to Marni Phillips and author late a inform that that the full intimacy started when according to Hundley, Phillips had got her juicer and then prefab a move on her after ready for her to originate out of the women’s bathroom at a bar.

Poet Hundley filed a restraining ordination against Phillips after he went to the law, but in measuring the matter from the Investigator it seems similar she’s untruthful nearly a few happening to protect herself.