Who The Hell?

When I say “Actually to busy to blog” well, I am. My wife reminds me constantly. It drives her crazy, because I would sit here for hours surfing the net looking for things to bitch about or confirming freeware is swell. My free time is supposed to be consumed by producing freelance house plans for builders I used to work for. That’s right, I used to design homes. I don’t anymore because I want to make some real money…in sales. It is a slow start so that is the reason I should still be moonlighting. I stretched her patience when I said I could blog and make money. Her tune changed quick with that idea too. The time spent blogging again, took away from the moonlighting, family, and sleep. I think I may be addicted or would is it more serious? exhibitionist? Nope! Im a dick!

feedbackme90 [at] gmail [dot] com

Other interesting sites to visit are Hairstyles and Nails, Chiefly Musing Home Tips and Health Talk and You.

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